Hey there! I’m Anna. I see you’re a fellow “About Page Reader,” so feel free to look around and I’ll just be over here babbling about myself if you need anything.

I want to be a writer when I grow up, which at this rate, is looking like a long-term project. I’ve been writing–stories, poems, songs–since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I’m a story-hoarding, deep-thinking, people-watcher and if I can make you laugh, I’ll be loyal to you forever.

The internet has made being a writer both far too easy and out of reach for me, but it’s not going away and neither am I. It’s like how the world is both inexpressibly big and astonishingly small at the same time.  In this space, I want to tell stories about the world I’ve seen during my travels and time living abroad, my world of children, marriage and the work of motherhood, and maybe your world too (if you would be so kind to share it), with a hope to make you smile or think (of course, you can do both, that’s allowed here!).

I spent about 9 years as an officer in the Air Force, but am now finding navigating toddlerhood exponentially more challenging (and enjoyable) than teaching generals how to talk to the media. My husband and my kids, Ayla (est. 1/2011) and Judson (est. 12/2013), are long-awaited answers to oceans of prayers. We just moved back to Northern Virginia after three years in the Middle East, but I originated in Oklahoma and married a Texas boy #howdyyall.

Thanks so much for being here. Come back any time! If I haven’t posted anything new, just appreciate the cuteness of my offspring. (#sorrynotsorry about all the parenthesis. I also #overuse #hashtags)



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