Beautiful sunset over my neighborhood

At the end of every month, I have this sort of panic. It goes like this:

“Ah! It’s the end of the month. I haven’t written a blog post yet! I had so many ideas! Where did the days go? What should I write about now? How much time do I have? Does anyone still read my blog or even care? What timezone should I put in my settings, so it still shows up as posted today? (yep, actually have done this, because procrastination) Next month I will write at the beginning of the month and actually all month too because I’m a writer and writers should write!!!”

(Um, I just wrote, “I’m a writer” and I don’t think I’ve ever just said it like that. Scary.)

This is how it went down yesterday (Sept 30).

Morning: Day 3 of rain, grey skies, grumpy kids. Tired mommy coming off a week of solo parenting. My plan, to get up early and write before taking Ayla to school. Didn’t happen. Did get her dressed, fed and to school on time, so that was important. Went for a run with Judson in the stroller. I’m signed up to run the Army 10-miler next Sunday. It’s my 8th time running it, so you’d think I’d know better than to half-ass training for it, but procrastination. Showered, then drove to DC to have lunch with a never-met friend from the For The Love launch team. This launch team is still going strong in our on-line community and I collect meet-ups like some people collect popular on-line “catch-em” creatures. I plan to write during Judson’s nap.

Afternoon: Lunch went long, because of course when you get a slice of time with a soul-sister from a far-away state you stretch it out as long as you can. I get Judson down for a late nap and remember I’m scheduled to call someone who’s about to move to the place I just moved from. I do that. It’s important. I have a lot to tell her. I should write some of it down, you know, because I’m a writer (eek, just said it again). Then my alarm goes off to go get Ayla from the bus stop. I’ll get my post at least started for a few minutes while she has a snack before Judson wakes up.

Still afternoon: Ayla does not stop talking while she snacks (finishing up the food I sent in her lunch) and then we need to read the books she got from school. Our friends arrive for a scheduled playdate/sleepover and I will not have time to write until they are in bed. It’s cute how I think they will actually go to sleep.

Evening: Friend kids do not want to stay for a sleepover and one of them spikes a fever, so I take them to their house, put them to bed and wait for their parents to come home. I read the first couple of chapters of Love Warrior, because reading is good inspiration for writing.

Night: I get home with 30 minutes left to the day. I don’t write. I wake my husband up off the couch and we go to bed.

The day, and the month of September, ends with no blog post from your dear Anna, and still we all made it to October.

But, hey, look at this. A post at the beginning of the month! And I have 3 other drafts started. Because I’m a writer!



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